Portfolio - A Family Garden

My brief was to create a garden for all the family, including a large golden retriever! My client clearly enjoyed gardening, particularly growing her own produce in her vegetable plot, but the existing garden was uninspiring and proving extremely difficult to maintain. This was due to a hotchpotch of broken concrete and crazy paved terraces on various levels, messy borders with no demarcations, an overgrown conifer hedge casting shadow over much of the garden, a very large greenhouse and shed, both in various states of disrepair, and a bindweed infestation. 

After much thought, it was decided that the greenhouse needed to be replaced with a more compact one, which was more in scale with the rest of the garden. The large shed was also exchanged for a smaller one and relocated nearer the vegetable garden to make way for a bigger expanse of lawn - important for kicking footballs around. The terrace was levelled out and increased in size, repaved in randomly laid Indian Sandstone to create a practical and beautiful entertaining space, and a curved brick retaining wall, mirrored on the opposite side by a curved edge to the border, had the effect of softening its margins. A simple structure of vertical posts and horizontal wires was erected to support fanned and espalier fruit trees, to create a productive screen between the raised border and vegetable garden beyond.

The front garden was transformed from a dark dingy area into a light gravel garden with a new Hornbeam hedge on the boundary, which was more in keeping with the village setting. The path up to the front door was repaved in Indian Sandstone to match the main terrace, as was the path around the side of the house. A welcoming area was created with architectural, sun loving planting, including transparent grasses, mulleins, french lavender, sedums, acanthus and hebes to give interest and structure throughout the year.  The garden has become a joy for my client and her family.

Before Construction