Portfolio - A Cottage Garden

Apart from a brick lined well which had remained undiscovered for a number of years and an old brick 'privy', very little was to be retained in the new layout for this cottage garden in Sussex. My client wanted a low maintenance garden, but one which provided year round interest in the regularly shaped, flat rectangular plot. I came up with a simple layout, part of which is angled at 45 degrees to the house to help eliminate the 'boxy' feel and to give some movement across the garden. 

The stone paved terrace is located to catch the afternoon and evening sun and is obscured from the neighbour and the compost bins by a rustic timber screen covered with climbing roses, jasmine and clematis. A low circular brick wall surrounds the newly discovered well, which along with a metal grate over the opening, ensures this important feature is made completely safe. It provides a focal point for the garden and water for irrigation. The borders either side and opposite are filled with a mixture of shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses for year round interest, but also for ease of maintenance.  Simple rustic post and rail fencing provides a see-through boundary, and along with the overall mass of planting, the perimeter is soft and unclear, so disguising the garden's regular shape.