"Jemima created a beautiful family garden for my previous home. She took into account all of my concerns, my wishes and my strict colour stipulations. The end result was a garden that I loved, that worked extremely well, and that was very much admired. I am now using Jemima to design my garden at my new house."
"When Jemima agreed to take on our garden as a project we were thrilled. Many people thought we had made a big mistake buying a lovely house with a dreadful garden which was no more than an overgrown building site when we first saw it. It seemed to have little potential for any garden, let alone a beautiful one. Jemima had so much vision and has created a garden with all the criteria we wanted. Through the whole process she always remained professional, whether with the workmen, planners or ourselves, and was flexible enough to alter the design if any problems arose during the construction phase. She spent time to get to know what we really wanted and what would suit us as a family, and created not only a beautiful plan, but what will be in a few years time, a wonderful garden. Although our project was a small garden, she always made us feel it was her top priority. Her knowledge of plants and trees, soft and hard landscaping, is impressive and her vision and confidence in what she does makes her a pleasure to work with"
" Jemima Currie was asked to come up with a scheme to improve the terrace of a Chelsea flat; the terrace hadn't been touched in decades and was mundane. The scheme Jemima came up with and implemented has transformed the terrace and the general feel of the flat, and is now the envy of the neighbours. The increase in value to the flat greatly exceeded the cost of implementation and made the flat much more saleable. "
" Jemima's design for our cottage garden perfectly solves the problem of several awkward spaces. The planting scheme continues to give us year round interest. We would readily recommend Jemima's comprehensive design service. "
" Thank you so much for our beautiful garden - it is greatly admired by all. We now have the garden we have always wanted thanks to all your hard work and guidance."